[Poll & Feedback] Best (free) UML modelling and code generating plateform for Intellij IDEA


I am just starting with Idea IDE, and I would like to know which (free) plugin is the best for you considering UML modelling, and code generating (particularly for JAVA language and C++). Be aware that I am using the IDEA Community Edition (Free)
I wish I could have a tool as powerful and efficient as Topcase for Eclipse.
Thank you for giving me your opinions about UML Generating on IDEA and which of them are the best.


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Not sure about three third-party plugins but IJ Ultimate Edition provides 'uml from sources' support.


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Well, that's exactly why I mentionned free plugin.
Sorry, I should have mentionned that I am not using the ultimate edition.
Following your link, I can read :

The following is available only in the Ultimate edition of IntelliJ IDEA

Thank you for your understanding.


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