Creating a project from toplevel dir only seems to grab source dir?

I have several directories that I'd like to try to convert to IDEA7 projects. Whenever I try to follow the steps for "create project from existing sources," It only seems to create a project that has my java source code in it ( it even makes the project file as Src.iml) It's missing all the other directories that I might want to have included (for example, if a webapp it misses all the other directories.) The only way I've found to fix it is to go into settings and remove the module source and then re-add the top level through the settings. I must be doing something wrong, because this can't be the way it was designed. What is the proper way to create a project from existing sources?

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It also does odd things like will show me a lib and lib1 directory. I don't get it. It's easier to just create a new project from scratch and then start moving your folders into the newly created project from the old one.

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Before I post this as a big, let me give more details. I actually took screen shots to show what is happening.

I have a project called "rgrid" in /Users/rick/projects

From IDEA I select "create new project"

"Create project from existing sources."

Type in name of project "rgrid." On next field I browse to the "rgrid" directory and select it.

Now notice "new_proj1.jpg" Notice an extra lib1 dir

I uncheck lib1 and continue

Now notice "new_proj2.jpg" lib1 is still there and only src dir showing up as included other than two lib dirs (Now, I do have a lib dir under /WEB-INF/lib and a lib in the root of my structure so that might be why both- but if so it should list them with better names.)

Now I hit continue and look at the resulting new_project_final.jpg Also look at the directory structure in Finder dir_structure.jpg and notice where it put the .iml file and it named it Src.iml

In order to fix this I have to go into settings and wipe out everything and point to a new root directory and then things work.

(This happens on windows also.. just on Mac at home.)


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