Double closing braces

When I am in a jspx page and I am trying to use ${}, when I type the opening brace I automatically get (from the editor) two closing braces.
I am using IntelliJ Ultimate latest version and Mac OS.


Curious... What should happen is that when you type ${  IDEA should automatically enter the closing brace for you, with your cursor between the braces: ${|}. If you type another } idea should move you outside the braces: ${}|
So if you are typing ${} you should end up with ${}| and not ${}} which it sounds like you are. Where is your cursor when this happens?
You can change the setting in Settings > [IDE Settings] > Editor > Smart Keys > "Insert pair bracket" so IDEA does not insert the closing brace automatically. Keep in mind this will also affect the auto insert of match braces and parenthesis when typing in Java. For example, you will not automatically get the closing parenthesis when typing  public void foo(  Try changing the setting and see what behavior you get.


It is strange but it seems that the problem is not appearing any more.I will check it again
to see if it can be reproduced and I'll post a reply as soon as I meet this situation again.


Ok, I managed to reproduce it.
I tried it inside a <td> tag of a table tag.
Can someone else reproduce it?


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