FileTooBigException for EAR artifact


I have a java project with several modules, packaged in a WAR module which in turn is packaged in an EAR module. When i change a file in the war module (for example logback.xml) and do CTRL-SHIFT-F9 to package it i always get this exception:

Cannot package file

IO Error: Attempt to          load          'C:\Users\heymajo\AppData\Local\Temp\1\packageFiletestproject2_war_0_0_13_SNAPSHOT_war1349766193857868650war'          in memory buffer, file length is 97692257 bytes.

Intellij is configured with these vm options:



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Hi Jorg,

Please provide your idea.log file (main menu | help | show log)


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I looked at the log file and there are no stacktraces or even an error message at the time when I trigger the error. I can reproduce the error easily so if there is another debug setting to enable to get a stacktrace let me know.

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'Package File' action indeed doesn't work when big nested archives are involved. Is your WAR file really that big (97MB)?

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Yes our war file is 97MB, it is really not that big for an enterprise grade application from what i can see around here :-)

So the problem is really that the war is embedded in an ear, couldn't I get around that by telling IntelliJ not to package but instead create the archive in exploded mode ?


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I'm having similar issues with a 30951325 byte .war archive.  Unfortunately I can't use an exploded WAR because it's a Maven project.


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