Is IDEA superset for all other IDEs?

I am testing IDEA for some GWT project I've recently was given to extend. I have found IDEA to be great replacement for sluggist Eclipse. Now I am thinking about purchasing IDEA and using it for other projects, including other languages. I've read somewhere on forums IDEA is superset for other specialized IDE's like RubyMine, but unfortuntelly I cannot find C#, ObjC plugins for IDEA.

So what is the current status of IDEA? Is it superset of other IDEs like RubyMine, AppCode and upcoming C++ IDE or not? Is there any comparison what is included in what IDEs?

Frankly speaking, if IDEA was containing all features of other JetBrain IDEs I would buy it right away.


Unfortunately there is not a comparison chart that compares the IDEs. IDEA is a super set of PhpStorm (although you have to install the the plug-in separately), PyCharm, RubyMine, and WebStorm. It also includes support for Java, Java EE, Scala (via plug-in), Groovy, Android, Flex/ActionScript, Freemarker, Velocity, XML, Xpath, SQL, and a number of Frameworks. It does not include support for ObjC or C++, or C#. AppCode is for ObjC. JetBrains does not offer a standalone C# IDE. They offer ReSharper which is an extension to Visual Studio and brings in many of the features found in their standalone IDEs. They also offer some other .NET tools.

So basically, IDEA is a superset of all the non-C/.NET IDEs.


Any plans to bring then AppCode (ObjC) and future C++ IDE to IDEA too?


I'll have to leave answering that question to one of the JetBrains representatives.


Hi Adam,

We don't have plans regarding adding AppCode functionality into UE at the moment.

About C++ support - it's too early to make statements about that, sorry :(



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