Question on Play 2.0 Support

I have IntelliJ 12.1.3 and installed the following:

  • Play framework 2.1.0
  • The latest Play 2.0 plugin
  • The Scala plugin (required by Play 2.0 plugin)

I then went ahead and created a Play project within IDEA (via Java -> Play 2 Module for Java).

Everything appears to go well with the Java files.  However, I noticed that the Build.scala file has highlighting errors.

Question is: Is still supposed to have highlighting errors since it is a Scala file?  If not, am I missing some configuration I need to do?

BTW, I also enabled Scala type-aware highlighting (where the 'T' is showing on the bottom right status bar), but still no go.

The Scala facet under Project Settings -> Modules has no errors and I left everything as default.  The Compiler Library is set at Scala 2.10.0.


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