Question on Play 2.0 Support

I have IntelliJ 12.1.3 and installed the following:

  • Play framework 2.1.0
  • The latest Play 2.0 plugin
  • The Scala plugin (required by Play 2.0 plugin)

I then went ahead and created a Play project within IDEA (via Java -> Play 2 Module for Java).

Everything appears to go well with the Java files.  However, I noticed that the Build.scala file has highlighting errors.

Question is: Is still supposed to have highlighting errors since it is a Scala file?  If not, am I missing some configuration I need to do?

BTW, I also enabled Scala type-aware highlighting (where the 'T' is showing on the bottom right status bar), but still no go.

The Scala facet under Project Settings -> Modules has no errors and I left everything as default.  The Compiler Library is set at Scala 2.10.0.


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sorry for long response. Build.scala has highlighting errors because it is a SBT build file and right now there is no support for SBT specific stuff. We are working on plugin for SBT and it will be available soon.

Best regards,
Dmitry Naydanov


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