Can I modify files that reside on different machine?

I have Idea installed on my PC.
I have some remote machine with java code to be run.
I can access that machine with ssh.

What I want is to modify files on remote machine with my Idea. Is it possible?


There is no built in functionality for doing such. To the best of my knowledge, there are not a lot of options for doing this. One potential solution is SFTP Net Drive. It allows you to work with a remote file system locally by assigning it a drive letter. The free version is a bit limited (comparison chart). I've only played around with it a little. I've never tried any serious work with it. The biggest concern would be response time. If you have a fast connection, you'd likely be ok. When I played with it, I found working over a VPN to be problematic because of the latency. If you only need to do occasional edits, simply copying the file to a local directory, editing it, and then copying it back is a workable solution.


p.s. My above reply is based on an assumption that you can not modify the remote host. If you can modify it (i.e. install applications), then Samba would be by far the best solution.


Thanks, Mark!
Yes, I can install aplications, I never heard of Samba before and definitely I would like to try it.


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