axis2 development

Hello all,

1. - "Plugin is incompatible with current IntellijIdea installation" in both 11.1.5 and 12.0.2. Why?

2. Why downloading JAX-WS-Apache Axis when generating web services client - downloads axis 1.4 from your site while last version is 1.6.2?

3. How to generate code using axis2, not axis? Discussion says Axis2 is supported by WebServices plugin - where I can select org.apache.axis2 in generator, not org.apache.axis?

Same as in - I need MTOM. Any changes since still non-answered for 2 years already?

Thank you.

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Any update on this?

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Anybody home?

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Did you manage to get any feedback on this?

All tutorials are old and Im running IDEA 12 and have been trying to deploy Axis2 services without any luck. Can someone please help. I have never used IDEA before and would like to get this right.


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Hi Mooketsi,

Please see thread - Dmitry Jemerov says that "Axis2 is supported by the core WebServices plugin; there is no separate plugin for Axis2." - but does not answer any questions. Anna Kozlova was given a way to reproduce and promised to look at the problem in 1 week after February 5 2013 - so we can only continue waiting for her week to complete.

You can try to pop up those posts - I believe Dmitry and Anna вщ receive notifications on it. I've done it several times already.

Good luck.


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