How to build multiple APK files automatically?

Is there any way to automatically build ALL of the applications modules in my project into their corresponding APK files?

It would be even better if the version number in the manifest file was incremented also before the build.

Any ideas on this?


What do you mean by "build automatically"? When you perform "Make" in the IDE, it builds all modules in your project.


Thanks for your reply, but I think we are talking about different things.

Under the "Build" menu in IntelliJ there is an option "Build Signed APK"

My project has a number of Application Modules. To create new APK files I need to run this menu option for each one.

I am just looking for a way to automate this, increment version numbers before a batch build etc.


Sorry about the delay. You may try to configure Android artifacts and build them in one action (Project Structure | Artifacts)


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