Honouring inherited inspection levels

Is there a way to cascade an inspection (in this case required alt attribute in img elements) warning level onto another facet?

I've configured my HTML inspections to make this a weak warning. Indeed if I create a plain HTML file and add an empty img tag the inspection does appear as weak.
However in our JSF pages the same inpection is showing up as an error and it seems the context menu will not let you edit the causal inspection.

I'm assuming its been inhertited in some fashion from HTML inspections? Any way to remove these non-errors?

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Hi, Richard
I assume that the error you see in JSF is not an inspection and that's why is not configured. Could you please describe what code causes it in JSF?

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They appear to be the HTML inspections inside the JSF page. The difference is in HTML they appear as expected, weak warnings (brown status inidicator). In JSF they appear as errors (red). see attached.

Clipboard01.png Clipboard02.png

PS alt-enter on the error shows I can't access the inspection setting directly.

PPS pink is just typos.


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