Best Practices for Non-Java Setup in IntelliJ?

This is my first post after purchasing Intellij IDEA and I'd welcome any guidance.  After install, I feel like a learner pilot sitting in a 747 cockpit instead of a cessna.  

Background.  I'm a beginner programmer who is doing basic web development (html/css/js) and learning both Ruby and Python as a hobby.  I'm not using any of the other languages/frameworks available in IntelliJ (e.g. Java/Clojure/etc).  I purchased IntelliJ Ultimate because I wanted the flexibility to use both Python and Ruby and the ultimate edition seems to be exactly what I needed (in that the alternative was to purchase both Pycharm and Rubymine). When I installed it, I was met with a wizard which showed a number of plugins and bundled features (most of which I did not recognize or understand).  As I don't have a workhorse pc and I'm just a beginner, I just want functionality that the rubymine/pycharm plugins offer/need.  I downloaded the requisite plugins, SDK's and set that up, but when I open the application or a new project, it does feel like a 747 Cockpit.  

Here's the question.  Are there any best practices for a minimal config/setup when you install the application for the first time when you're only using Html/Css/Js/Ruby/Python?  I'm worried by not selecting or keeping certain options, I will be turning off functionality I need later.  Not sure what dependencies exist that I might be getting rid of.  

I looked last night for keywords here and on google like "minimal setup for intellij", "intellij setup for python" etc etc... and didn't find very much other than "install the python and ruby plugins".  Anyway, I appreciate any help I can get.  Feeling a little overwhelmed as a learner.



Hi Pete,

There are quick start guides for RubyMine and PyCharm which are essentially Ultimate Edition plugins. But I'm afraid we don't info like that best practices you requested.

I'd suggest you to start by enabling ruby, python plugins along with other techology-related plugins (css, js etc). Then just try to play around and feel free to ask specific questions here on how to solve particular problem.



Thanks Denis! That was a huge help to me.  Much appreciated.


I'd like to know too.

Specifically. Do you think iti is better to make the entire project directory a source root. Or confine the source roots to subdirectories.

I am on the fence. Project directory leads to more "just works" cases than subdirectories (assuming you ignore the non source-root subdirectories.


That depends :)

Basically, you should mark as a source root only directories which really contain files you want to see at the resulting application. E.g. it's not that good to mark as a source root directory which contains, say, '.idea' folder.



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