IDEA 12.1 deployment to old Tomcat

Hello, everyone

I am new to IntelliJ and I'm facing a problem with a custom META-INF/context.xml when deploying to local Tomcat 5.0.x (jdk 1.5, Windows 7 x86):
the IDEA 12.1 seems to ignore my context.xml and generate just an empty
<Context docBase="{path_to_artifact}" path="/{context_path}">
in {Tomcat_Home}\conf\Catalina\localhost\{project_name}.xml - resulting in loss of Realm settings etc.
What I have done so far:
- checked the use of right instance of tomcat and jdk
- checked 'web' facet to have Tomcat context descriptor placed in META-INF/context.xml
- passed CATALINA_BASE as Environment variable
- tried with both war and exploded_war artifacts

Actually I don't have this problem with Tomcat 6.x and 7.x, but I am forced to use the 5.x version.
If this behavior is normal for IDEA and Tomcat 5.x, is there a way to control generation of that xml-file to substitute it with my custom one when deploying to server?
Or does an alternative server configuration for this case exist in Idea?

Thanks in advance

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