GWT:Develop with pleasure,but not too much as it may be considered improper

I was a little bit worried that the issues regarding GWT had been lingering for a long time, but JetBrains has finally taken a strong position, updating all of them... and changing the attribute "fix version: Selena Final" to "fix version: missing in action".

Great: I will develop with pleasure as always, but not too much. This is good, because in some circles being too happy or having too much pleasure may be considered inconvenient.

Happily, now every time I will have to touch a line of GWT code I will suffer from the same limitations and irritating inconsistencies with the rest of the IDE that the gwt plugin shows now, e.g.:
- the async interface kept in sync with the remote interface but not vice-versa ( )
- usage searches not reporting client uses of the remote services ( )
- renames not applied consistently between parts of code that must be in sync:
- why work with the last version of a library, when you may use the previous one? ( )
- code navigation working... when IDEA wants ( )
and the other 37 ones:

At first one can be saddened by this decision, considering those as important issues: but how not to admit that other features are more important... such as a new, wonderful find bar!

Or better Eclipse import!

Or better communication with my friends!

Or a feature to be automatically notified when IDEA is updated, not having to depend on that lousy forum notification anymore:

I can't help but second that decision, now.

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It seems I was being unfair: at least an issue has just been fixed: whohoo!

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Well, GWT wasn't the only area affected. A number of minor bugs and improvements I've filed a while ago got the same treatment. My guess is they're preparing the the final release sprint.


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