XmlSerializer throws java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Hi there,

I'm trying to serialize a settings class with xml serializer and get the following error: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Here is my settings implementation:

@State(         name = "Typo3StormSettings",    // must be equal to the class name I think         storages = {                 // @Storage(id = "default", file = StoragePathMacros.PROJECT_FILE),                 // @Storage(id = "default", file = "/tmp/test/"),                 // @Storage(id = "dir", file = StoragePathMacros.PROJECT_CONFIG_DIR + "/typo3storm.xml", scheme = StorageScheme.DIRECTORY_BASED)                 @Storage(id = "dir", file = "/tmp/test/typo3storm.xml", scheme = StorageScheme.DIRECTORY_BASED)         } ) public class Typo3StormSettings implements PersistentStateComponent<Typo3StormSettings> {     // Those fields should be serialized     public boolean enabled = true;     public String pathToTypo3;     @Transient // Do not serialize this field!     protected Project project;     public static Typo3StormSettings getInstance(Project project) {         Typo3StormSettings settings = ServiceManager.getService(project, Typo3StormSettings.class);         if(settings == null){             IdeHelper.logError("Cannot find Typo3Storm Settings");         }         settings.project = project;         return settings;     }     @Override     public Typo3StormSettings getState() {         return this;     }     @Override     public void loadState(Typo3StormSettings typo3StormSettings) {         try{             XmlSerializerUtil.copyBean(typo3StormSettings, this);         }         catch(Exception e){             // IdeHelper.logError(e.getMessage());             // IdeHelper.showDialog(null,"Cannot read the saved settings for Magicento. Please try saving them again from File > Settings > Magicento", "Error in Magicento Settings");         }         // autoSetPathToMage();     }     public boolean isEnabled() {         return enabled;     }     public String getPathToTypo3() {         return getPathToTypo3();     }     public void setPathToTypo3(String pathToTypo3) {         this.pathToTypo3 = pathToTypo3;     } }

And here is a simple testcase, I set up to reproduce the error:

public class Typo3StormSettingsTests {     @Test     public void settingsCanBeSerialized() {         Typo3StormSettings settings = new Typo3StormSettings();         settings.setPathToTypo3("/tmp");         XmlSerializer.serialize(settings);     } }

I'm getting the same error, if I run the plugin from within PHPStorm Application, if I uncomment the annotations and use the following @State annotation:

*/ @State(         name = "Typo3StormSettings",    // must be equal to the class name I think         storages = {                 @Storage(id = "default", file = StoragePathMacros.PROJECT_FILE),                 @Storage(id = "dir", file = StoragePathMacros.PROJECT_CONFIG_DIR + "/typo3storm.xml", scheme = StorageScheme.DIRECTORY_BASED)         } )

It would be really great if you could help me out on that issue!

Best regards,


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Hi Michael,

The problem is that your getPathToTypo3() recursively calls itself and stack overflow occurs.


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Hi Denis,

thanks a lot - seems like I was blind...



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Kein problem :)


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