7294 - Weird Inspection Parse in JSP files.

Starting in 7294, when I load many of my JSP files, the Mr. Inspector is getting really funky. (See attached pictures)

picture #1: I'm not really sure what this means. Mr. Inspector on a five day camping trip on a moonlit night?

picture#2: Even though no eye is displayed, the inspection parse is running.

I went back to 7291, and the the same JSP files would complete syntax/inspections parse in 1-2 seconds. Now in 7294 it is taking 5-10 minutes, but what is wierd is sometimes it will look like it is done. (No more eye in gutter area). But you mouse over it and it says it's still working. Very funky.

Please note that due to IDEADEV-21235 (Fixed in 7293), in 7274-7291, many of the variables from included JSPs are marked red, but I know for sure from earlier EAPs that these files loaded fine before in a few seconds.

I filed a Jira:



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