CVS History shows tags under branches column

Cross posting this[/url] from the CVS Support (EAP) forum since after 2 days there it has only had 17 views and no response.

I noticed in the Selena EAP (7274), in CVS History, that tags are showing under the branches column. For example, in the attached screenshots, "demo-build-2-1" is a tag that was added to the "demo-release-branch-1" branch. In prior IDEA versions (5 & 6), the "demo-build-2-1" tag would only show in the tag column (makes sense). But in Selena it is showing under the branch column as well.

Is this a bug, or by design? In other words, is it an attempt to provide a convenient way to show what tags are on a branch? If that is the intent, I like the idea, but I think it is a bit confusing of a interface in its current implementation. Today it caused me to think that someone had misapplied a build tag. When I saw "build-x" under the branches column, I thought they had mistakenly created a new branch name build-x rather then just tagging the files as build-x. Furthermore, on projects that had/have poor tag naming conventions (and we all have to support those sometimes), I would have no way of knowing what is actually a branch tag, and which is just a tag without looking through all the tags to see if that name appears in both columns.



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