7291 Inspections "New in 7"

As of IDEA 7.0 EAP 7291, Bas has added the keyword "New in 7" to the inspection
description of all new inspections shipped with IDEA 7.0. A user can type "New
in 7" in the filter box on the Project Settings->Errors dialog, and you will
see only new inspections. Also, there is a toolbar button (lightning bolt)
which advertises this search capability. See screenshot.

This makes life much easier for existing users like me who wanted to check out
the new inspections without having to sift through the 100s of existing inspections!
Thanks for the effort Bas! Much appreciated.

I know alot of effort went into adding these new inspections, and now they are
all visible to everyone, which raises their perceived value as part of the IDEA
7.0 release.

The other filter I really want is "Quickfix Available". If that could be added, you
could replace the lightning bolt with a filter icon (like in Keymap UI) and have a
little dialog that pops up with choices New in 7 and Quickfix Available.

The one complication with "Quickfix Available" is that I'm really interested in only the
automated, non-interactive QuickFixes like "add braces to if", "narrow scope of variable",
"change for to for each loop", etc. There are other fixes like "Rename..." and "Generify..."
which invoke interactive actions. Are those considered to be "Quickfixes", too? If so,
then I think there needs to be a distinction between the fully automated, non-interactive
QuickFixes and these other "Fixable by Generify..." and "Fixable by Rename..." quickfixes.

You could just put the text as keywords like you did for "New in 7". So you could have
"Quickfix" (for fully automated) and "Fixable by Rename..", "Fixable by Generify..." etc.

IDE Settings - Errors - Quickfix Available filter and/or Quickfix icon decoration next to inspection name and/or Quickfix note in description.

Inspection filtering should do AND search before falling back to OR search

Inspection Results Tree should distinguish 'Quickfix Available' erorrs from others.


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