Sep13 JetGroovy doesn't work with IDEA 7274

IDEA won't start with JetGroovy installed....

"Plugin com.intellij.spring failed to initialize:
Please remove the plugin and restart IntelliJ IDEA."

starts up fine after removing JetGroovy.

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There is a forum here devoted specifically to the JetGroovy plug-in:

You should check there to see if the issue is known and / or to ask about the problem.

Likewise, there's a separate section of the JetBrains JIRA for the Groovy support ( where you can check out whether this has been reported and report it if it hasn't.

Randall Schulz

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thank you.

this issue is/was that the latest JetGroovy distributions were built with JDK6

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Yes, and as promised, Eugene V. has released the corrected build (0.1.10957). See for details.



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