How do I generate WADL from RESTful Java code?

I have a simple RESTful service in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3 Ultimate.

I've tested it.  It works.  Now I want to create a Java client for this service and need a WADL.

Per the instructions at , I right clicked my class and went to "Web Services -> RESTful Web Services" only to find the menuitem "Generate WADL from Java Code" disabled.

What have I done wrong?

Here's the code:

package com.mybiz;


public class Greeter {
    public String hello() {
        return "Hi!";

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Hmmm... it seems the instructions at the link I gave only work when the application server is set up just like in that page.

I am using TomEE Plus 1.5.2 and apparently it doesn't support generation of the WADL.


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