Can't interact with simulator...

Hmm, one of my guys installed IntelliJ 12.1.3, set up the AIR project on which we're working, successfully built and ran the application in the simulator, BUT, cannot interact at all with the simulator.  All mouse interaction is mute.  There's no errors, breakpoints or any other issue with the app itself, so, what could cause the simulator to be unresponse to mouse interaction?



Are you talking about iOS simulator or AIR emulator? Though in any case I have no idea what's up. May be try different SDK version.


Well, it's an intelliJ Run/Debug configuration to emulate using iPhone Retina, but really it doesn't matter what emulator we set, same problem... can't interact with the emulator.  He's got the exact same setup as the other developers, so, strangeness... We'll uninstall and reinstall, there seemed to be some problem with updating the IDE, there was a few releases since he updated, and, upon updating, there was some error, but this went away on restart of the IDE, hmm...

We'll get back to you after fresh reinstall...


All was cool after uninstall/reinstall... thx!


Good! Though I can't imagine how this can be related to IDE installation.


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