Different versions of IDEA sharing the same configuration?


I've been using the community edition of IDEA for about a week or more and I just recently purchased the full edition. I know that I can have both versions installed in my Linux machine because they will their read their configurations from different folders. But since I've done some tweaks to the community edition, I was wondering if the ultimate edition can use and share the same configuration files/folder or if that would cause trouble.

The second part of my question is that I'm assuming that the community edition is more lightweight as opposed to the ultimate edition, and if that is correct, I would like to keep 'community' around for when I only need to work on Android, and switch to 'ultimate' when I need to do more enterprise-y stuff.

Your input is appreciated,


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Hi Roberto,

Yes, it should be possible to reuse the config files

UE is basically CE plus plugins like 'spring', 'jsp', 'ruby' etc. You can define your own set of interested technologies, disable all other plugins and I believe the performance would not differ that much then.


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Great! Thank you for the reply and confirmation.


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