Attach sources does not seem to work

What is the deal with attach sources?   Is there some magic sequence of steps to get it to "take" ?

An example here: i added jackson-json.<version>.jar to the project (systemPath in maven), that works fine.  Then when clicking on code that uses it, "Source not found". Which is also fine. Then I click on "Attach sources" and select jackson-jsonpath-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar.   Well, no error message. And also no effect: the sources are still never found.

That was an example. I have seen this pattern repeatedly. I'd be happy to learn there were some additional step required (but not obvious or documented) to fix this issue.


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I see a stackoverflow question on this - apparently this really does not work..  Is there a fix in progress (or delivered but i fail to see it..) for this?

From that SOF post: Aha.. fixed.
   So: I used to use 'attach source' in the top of the window editor - it does not work (I guess it is a bug - maybe related to the scala plugin, because usually it works).
  But if try to attache sources to particular library - in "Project Structure -> Library -> +Attach File or Directories -> Sources" then it works.

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(deleted comment)


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Yes, downloading and attaching sources via the IDE is buggy. What I found useful was to enable maven to do this default (downloading sources / javadoc) when downloading the dependency by modifying my maven settings.xml.

But if you don't want that but do it for a particular project, then do the below:

mvn dependency:sources
mvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadoc
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This functions is still broken:

I click:

Select file:



and nothing happens, renavigating to method text doesn't help


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