I know StarTeam is not a popular SCM system but many enterprise developers are stuck with it.

IDEAs support of StarTeam 4 & 5 years ago was what got me into IDEA the first time.

Now, unfortunately, it is practically unusable because of the inconsistencies in functionality (file statuses getting out of sync, very little functionality, etc.)

I could spend hours entering JIRA requests that I know will never get addressed.

Rather than that, is the source for the StarTeam plugin available for us StarTeam stuck enterprise developers to work on ourselves?


I believe it is part of the development package. Look in your IDEA installation directory under plugins/starteamIntegration/src.

I too would be pleased to see this updated since I may be faced with migrating from CVS to StarTeam sometime in the future and I would be greatly saddened if I had to go back to external version control tools.


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