Python support from noob perspective: looking good so far

I am a rather frequent contributor of "why this?" or "this seems broken .."  So I'd like to change it up a little bit and say, after a week of using python heavily in IJ it is pleasant to do so.  The code introspection / navigation works well as well as normally expected things like syntax highlighing, code completion, etc.   Have not tried the debugger yet, but that's a "bonus" in any case.

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Thanks, Stephen!


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I have been pretty intensely using python last two weeks, put out maybe 1500 sloc with multiprcoessing, io stuff, custom workflow framework, shell integration, classes.  So i no longer feel like a noobie .

Point of this post is to say:  a "no-longer-noobie" reaffirms:  Intellij Idea is a really good python environment.  It has surprisingly astute 'lint' warnings : i have learnt that whenever there is something browned out- it means: "hey this is not strictly illegal but you should really pay attention to .. <some particular error>".

I was impressed by for example having 2.7 constructs and the python interpreter browned them out saying:  these are 2.7 only: be warned 2.6 will not work.  And in fact I ended up changing because my deployment env (AWS) turned out to be old/2.6-ish.  Finally I have found installing a 2.6 sdk alongside the 2.7 to be  a snap.

v good experience with this.


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