Always open file in new editor window?

I really want a double click on a file in the project window (or favorites window, etc) to always open the file in a new editor window, unless it is already open (then it should bring that window to the front). I've been using the Mac a long time and I'm used to each file being in its own window so I can see them all at once.

Is there a way I can set this up?



Not sure what you mean by "open file in new editor window" (opening a file always shows new editor window/tab) - I can only guess that it means "a window outside IDEA's main window" (like when you open a file and then drag title of tab outside IDEA's main window). If that's what you want to set up as default behaviour (always open files in external window) - I'm afraid it can't be done.


Hello Howard,

You can do it in IntelliJ IDEA 13. I've added a check for Shift modifier. So, if you add Shift to your "navigation" shortcut it will open the file in new window. Examples, I used to press F4 in Project View to open a file in the editor. Shift+F4 will open the file in a new window. Same for open class/file (Ctrl+N, Ctrl+Shift+N) instead Enter in popup with classes/files use Shift+Enter anf a file will be opened in a new window.

As far as I remember I didn't backport this feature to IntelliJ 12


That might work ok, when I get 13 I'll try it.

But my concern is that since I open the file with double click that shift double click won't work because the shift will cause the selection to include all files between the one currently selected and the one I am double clicking on.

In Xcode, there is a preference for the behavior of clicking or double clicking on the file name in the project list. You can choose to have it open in a new window, or the current editor pane, etc.

I know not everyone wants to always have stuff open in a new window, but many Mac users do.

I like the fact that what you have done is global, so I can open everything in a new window.




Tried it in latest build:
Yep, Shift-Double-Click currently is a usability bug:
First time I tried it, IDEA opened an editor window that immediately went to the background and at the same time opened the "Project Structure" dialog (because a file in between the original selection and the clicked-item was a jar?)


Oops, and when I canceled the project structure dialog, it just popped up again


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