complex sample project

There is no real code in here, I have however added some info.txt files
explaining what goes in each dir. If you open the project, go to IDE |
Paths and look at the structure, you will see there is 1 webmodule for
the whole thing, but the directories in this project point to all sorts
of different virtual roots, which will then be exploded into the
directory called webroot. Look also at the Web Module tab and notice
there is supposed to be a J2EE global library, which points to WEB-INF/lib.

Once you're used to it, this project takes about a minute to setup.

Hope this helps you guys.


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Forgot to mention that the 2 jsp files in here show how tag libs do
resolve properly in this setup too. I've tested this with up to 3
nested directories and it resolves fine.


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Thanks!  I have been looking for complex examples so I can learn what good orginization should look like, rather than half assing it on my own until I learn the hard way that I was doign it wrong all along.


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