Ant task to update jar in project class path corrupts idea caches

Has anyone else seen this?

I have an ant task that copies a jar file into the current project, it is a jar that is listed as a project dependency. After the ant task is complete, idea begins to reload the jar file, but then no longer recognizes any of the classes that were in that jar. Only way to get back to normal is to delete the idea caches in .intellijidea70\system\caches.

This is on XP with build 7255. I've seen this with the last several builds but it hasn't always been consistent. Now I'm getting it pretty much every time i run this ant task.

Anyone else seeing this?

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yes, but i hadn't had the time to track down why.

unfortunately with IDEA, i've had to get into the habit of deleting all caches whenever a persistent exception keeps popping up. quitting, deleting caches, and restarting IDEA is part of my problem resolution now, and i've found it to be quite effective.

i wish there was a "clear caches quit" option. i have been able to whittle down the list of cache directories i delete so i'm not getting rid of everything anymore.


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