node.js javascript debugger starting very slowly

Running on linux (ubuntu 12.04), Idea 11.1.5 or Idea 11.1.4, node v0.8.22 or v0.8.8. 16GB RAM, plenty of disk space, Intel i7 CPU, no software firewall running.

I am working in node v0.8.22, Idea 11.0.5 on a client-server project on a local disk. When starting the debugger, it seems that lately it takes about 3 minutes (2:55 typically) for Idea to bring up the javascript program and connect with it. (I see the same issue with v0.8.8 and Idea 11.0.4.)

Once the connection is made, debugging works just fine in every way.

If I use node-inspector instead of Idea and run the program from the command-line, it starts and connects immediately. It goes without saying that I like debugging with Idea much better than with node-inspector and Chrome.  

I cannot be absolutely sure, but this issue seems to have come up since December 2012 when I last worked on the project. I am sure I would have noticed it if I had seen it before.

It may be something strange in my environment, but I can't figure out where to start looking. Has anyone else seen a problem with this? Or have any suggestions where to start looking?  
Thanks for any suggestions



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