File parsing


Just would like to share a story.
I'm working on one project with a .Net guy. We were suppose to look at
one Java application which is processing big help files at my desk. That
application was previously written with Eclipse, but I decided to give a
latest Beta 2 a try.

I started Intellij IDEA 7 Beta 2, created a project, did choose existing
src/ and libraries and let IDEA load it during loading time I was
telling how good this product is, and same guys made Resharper which he
like a lot and tons of other complements...., but in the end it failed.
I got a message that it doesn't have enough memory. It was parsing .HxS
file (which is not even text), there are 200mb of them in the project
directory. .Net guy noticed the problem and said "it's not very smart, huh?"
I increased memory limits and opened IDE again. This time it had enough
memory to parse all files and used about 500Mb. After project loading
was complete memory usage went back to 60Mb. Should I mention how
embarrassed I was?
I had this issue before, I even wrote in this forum about it, so I
recalled that I need to exclude folders from project. But still, if you
have a lot of files and you want to create a project from existing
sources you may fail and can't get to that setting even if you have lots
of gigs of RAM. That application generated several thousand html files
and IDEA wasn't able to open a project with -mx512M anymore.


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