Is AppCode not available to IntelliJ Ultimate?

It is not on the comparison chart, and that would make it the odd one out. If so, then is it in the plans to make it available as a plugin for the Ultimate ed?
I'm contemplating upgrading to IntelliJ from phpStorm, but if I have to buy appcode separately then it may not be worth it, and I would rather just get the ide's that I need separately. So I wanted to confirm this here first. Thanks


AppCode is not shipped as a plugin - it is a standalone IDE; and at the moment we don't plan to make an IntelliJ IDEA plugin.
Anton Makeev


That is unfortunate, especially when one is working on a cross-platform toolkit that ends up running on both Android and iOS / OS X.  As is, I need to have both IntelliJ and AppCode open, keep all user preferences in sync, download twice as many updates... when they look and act exactly the same.

While IntelliJ tends to stay open on my work computer (for web, android, and python stuff), it'd be great to have Obj-C / C++ support there.


Has anything changed here in the last 5 years?


With frameworks such as flutter, having Objective C / Swift capabilities in IntelliJ would be a huge win !


how about the last 6 years?


As developer of React Native with Javascript and Native Code, the integration with AppCode in IDEA Ultimate is really important! 


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