Why is darcula much lighter on a mac compared to ubuntu?

Why is darcula so much lighter on the mac version of Intellij compared to ubuntu.

I really like the theme and use it all the time, though on my mac it felt a bit too light, the backgrounds feel washed out.  When I installed ubuntu on a vm on my mac and ran intellij its much darker and richer and I really prefer it.

Are the theme values different on the ubuntu and mac versions of intellij or is this somethig else?


It may be caused by some OS-specific color settings like ColorSync.
You can attach couple of screenshots, let's check RGBs.


Hello Zac,

as Vassiliy said we need a screenshot. This is mine http://screencast.com/t/kEAH13AaVPT Does your IntelliJ look different?


Ok this gives me hope at least :)

I'll take a snapshot tonight showing ubuntu and native mac side by side tongiht (Its on my dev box at home) and I'll compare it to intellij also running on my laptop.



Ok finally got around to doing a grab, the difference is subtle but it looks like my mac matches others, but Ubuntu is darker.



It's the color profile. Macs ship with a standard color profile that favors color accuracy. I'm guessing Ubuntu is favoring "punched-up" colors.


Right, same with Windows too..

Thanks , glad I'm not going cuckoo...

Right, so.. would kill for a retina iMac about now


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