Selena 7241, maven-integration: servere problems using snapshot-artifacts

Hi !

I currently ran in an very annoying problem using maven-integration.

Project A uses Project B as a dependency. B is currently in SNAPSHOT-state.

When doing some quick fixes on B and deploying it to the internal Archiva-instance and installing into the local repository, I have problems getting the changes done in B shown in the frame of Project A.

Archiva is current, the local repository is current, too. When resyncing Project A, there is still the old content of B in the library-list, new classes will not appear.

Deleting B from the library list and resyncing again will not change this behavior.

Even closing IDEA and reloading the Project will not bring up the changes

Deleting the entry in ~\.IntelliJIdea70\system\caches closing and restarting IDEA will still not show the changes done in artifact B.

Building project A by hand via the command-line (mvn clean compile) will work - no compilation errors are shown.

IDEA is configured to use external maven.

Hm ... so for now I am stuck with this :(

Does anyone have a solution / workaround for this ?

Thank you in advance,


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similar problems workaround..sorry :(

also, when I do a synch, module output is gone from web dependencies and after that there is no way to include module output again as a web dependency,

so, only that I can do is delete all idea project files, and run idea:idea task...which is pita...

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Argh ... that's a pity :(

But thank you for your reply. Nice to know I am not alone on this ;)

In the meantime I figured out, when closing Selena, deleting all files in ~\.IntelliJIdea70\system\caches and firing up the IDE again my problem is fixed (all libraries are reindexed when doing so).

But there seems to be the next problem waiting :( I just got some classpath-errors after assembling a multi module project from inside Selena using maven-integration.

Closing Selena and assembling the project with 'mvn clean assembly:directory' results in a working version.

But I have to do some investigations there - seems like a locking problem of the local repository while Selena is up - but not really sure about that.



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