mercurial in idea 12.1

I have this problem using mercurial from idea 12.1. I am not a mercurial user, I just happened to check out the source code from a mercurial repo. and now every now and then idea complains that :

Error executing "/usr/bin/hg". Make sure you have setup the right executable in Mercurial configuration
Original Error:
Address already in use

The hg address is correct and I have no idea what is the address intellij is talking about. I am runnint community edition 12.1 on linux ubuntu .

Hi Arash,

what happens if you execute /usr/bin/hg in the Terminal?


Executing it in terminal is good. I can manage the source code through that with no problem.     


Does it help if you turn on Settings | Version Control | Mercurial | "Use bash -c"?


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