svn: fails to ^T update (object of the same name already exists)

When I update my project's directory with a right-click from the Project window, it says all files are up to date (as expected). But when I update the whole project with a Ctrl-T, I get the following error:

svn: Failed to add directory 'main/web-root/WEB-INF': object of the same name already exists

Does anyone know what's wrong? I've already tried removing WEB-INF outside IDEA and restoring with an svn update, and again with web-root, but it hasn't helped. One weird thing about this project is that it contains two modules, one with a web facet, and the other with a content root (test) within the other module's content root (but without a web facet). (I'm just trying to guarantee that the production code is not using any test jars.)

(I'm using 7.0M2, build 7126.)

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