The docking layout scheme of IntelliJ 12 is still unproductive


I’ve been using IntelliJ Professional/Ultimate since IDEA 6. I now upgraded to 12.1 but I’m in tears and pain.

You guys have implemented support for every programming language in the Milky Way galaxy and yet your IDE’s layout and docking functionality is still in 10,000 B.C.

I love IntelliJ. I do. I’m always telling my colleges of all the goodness they are missing by using eclipse. The support when I code Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Android is nothing short of spectacular.

Nevertheless, from the beginning when I started with IntelliJ 6, I did not like you docking layout scheme and today in IntelliJ 12 I still don’t like it (not even with Dracula colors).



If people tell your IDE docking layout is great, or good, I’m here to tell you with my very sincere honesty that:

--The docking layout scheme of IntelliJ is unproductive. You must adapt the docking layout features found in Eclipse or Visual studio to allow “us”, the user; to choose how is best to utilize the screen’s real state efficiently.

Another mayor release of IntelliJ without adopting the Eclipse/Visual Studio docking layout scheme would be most unwelcome.

Best regards,
-A disappointed IntellJ developer.


I totally agree.
I am sick of the Idea layout also, plus jumping editor header rows, having no option to maximize tool windows and hiding tool window buttons for supports not enabled in project.

I'd like Idea Dev Team admit these issues don't go hand in hand with "develop with pleasure" and try to adress those Layout issue, otherwise I will continue to be an unhappy Idea developer thinking how great eclipse layout is.



Are there corresponding feature requests/usability problem reports at the tracker?

I'm asking because being a long time IJ user have never experienced problems with the ide layout (might have not used anything better?).

Regarding hiding tool windows not supported at the current project - that's perfectly doable, but it's still better to provide a ticket per-tool window for distributing them between responsible developers.



Hi Denis

There are tickets for each and every issues I list in my previous comment, 1st of them is ancient.

It would be better to have them fixed in Idea 13. I would pay extra money for this rather than having a new support for whatever language/framework popped up lately.

Best regards


Thanks, asked our ui guys to comment



Yes. I've requesting a Eclipse/Visual studio docking layout for the past 4 years. Nothing gets done.

My latest request is:

Other related layout issue posted at:

Like Antonnel, I too would pay extra for IntelliJ with modern docking layout like the ones in eclipse and visual studio.


I would add the with 12.1 there seems to have been a regression. In earlier versions of IntelliJ, I could have my
Project view on the left and I could split this docking area so the Structure view could be seen as well.



With 12.1, I cannot seem to be able to do this. I've tried various forms of dragging, pinning, floating, etc. Nothing has worked. All I get is a separate Structure view that replaces my Project view. And with 12.1, if I try and grab the Structure window header, it thinks I am trying to grab the file that is currently being shown in the Structure view. It's terrible.

Can you please fix the various views and the way they dock so that at least you are not removing/obfuscating functionality? I'd also like to add my vote for bringing the IntelliJ docking functionality up to date with Eclipse and Visual Studio. By and large I don't use a lot of the available views as I can't arrange them in a way that is enjoyable to use. Outside of various speed improvements and improvement of VCS support, the only useful thing introduced in IntelliJ in a long time is the darcula theme.

The massive overload of support for niche languages might be fun for some developers, but it is not fun for customers who don't use those niche languages. It means that useful, enjoyable, and elegant functions for Java development don't get much attention.

In short, I'd like a total refocus back on Java development for a major rev or two and a lot of love and polish put into the UI and other functionality that makes Java development easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks :)


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