12.1, can't publish to iOS devices

After I update IDEA to version 12.1, anytime I try to publish an AS3 project to an iOS device, I get a pop-up with this: Installation Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed

Any clue?


Please try to remove previous version of this app from the device.


Don't work consistently, sometimes yes, a couple of times, then no, until I close the app, or even reboot the computer.

It's always working when I copy it with iTunes.


Redid a provisioning profile and P12, not working.

Reinstall and try with 12.0.4, not working.

Always working through iTunes.


IntelliJ IDEA version is not important, there were no significant changes in this area recently. IntelliJ IDEA just invokes ADT tool from the Flex/AIR SDK to package/install app. So may be there are problems with ADT tool. By the way what is your AIR SDK version? Try to update to the latest 3.7.
Please drop a note if you get any other details on the issue.


Update to 3.7, no luck, then did a factory reset of my iPad, and then it start working, say 4 times out of 5.

This morning another weird bug: no ios device connected to the computer.

I still can copy my IPA in iTunes on the iPad that is definitely connected to my computer...

I also did a try a test project in Flash Builder with the same P12 and MobileProvision, it copy to the iPad without an error.  So I guess there is something on your side that causes problems.


When you see "no iOS devices connected to the computer" again please try from command line:
[Flex/AIR SDK]/bin/adt -devices -platform ios
and paste command output here.


First it was :

"java is not recognized as an internal or external command ..."

Then I add java/bin to PATH + CLASSPATH.  Reboot.

I Retry, now:

"Please check your iTunes installation"

My iTunes version is, the latest one.

Java version 7.21 32 bit on Windows 7 64.

I don't understand how it is possible that sometimes it was working if it can find java at all...

Any clue what to try next?  I know with 10.5 it was working better with java 1.6, is it still the same?


I red a bit about it, and I try the aot/bin/iOSBIN/idb.exe -devices command.  The result was: The procedure entry point CFPreferencesCopyAppValue could not be located in the dynamic lilnk library CoreFoundation.dll.

Now unistalling and reinstalling iTunes.  I'll post after rebooting and trying again.


Well, that's the cause of the problem in IntelliJ IDEA. I don't know why ADT tool is not able to detect iTunes DLLs and therefore is not able to work with iOS devices. That's why IntelliJ IDEA says that connected devices are not detected.


I know it is the cause, but it is still working with Flash Builder and iTunes.


IntelliJ IDEA doesn't have access to Flash Builder or iTunes code. We need to use ADT tool from the SDK. Hope reinstalling iTunes helps because we never heard about such problems before.


Things are not going well here...

I removed and reinstall iTunes, same problem.

I removed all Apple software following these instructions:


Then reinstall iTunes, same problem.

Still trying to find a solution.  I'll keep you posted.



In the end, it's the CoreFoundation.dll that is responsible to find the iOS devices.  I got 2 on my system, one by iTunes, one that was installed by Suitcase Fusion.  That Suitcase one was an older version without the CFPreferencesCopyAppValue entry point.  I renamed this one and replaced it with the newer one and bingo!

I guess the system keep juggling between the 2, and that's why the problem was intermittent.

If it ever happen to someone else, you'll have a clue what can cause this.



Oh! Thank you very much for the problem investigation!


I had the same message

But it was my error.
I changed developer profile to adhoc but didn't change application configuration for push notifications

         <string>production</string>  <!-- was  development but used ADHOC provision -->  


I resolved  problem only when try to install app through XCode. XСode error message was more informative

I'm afraid I dont know the way to get more informative error message. All we have at IntelliJ IDEA side is ADT tool output. Unfortuntely it's not verbose enough.


No problem
I wrote message to help developers to resolve their problems )
In some cases installation through xcode helps to understand problem

It was a tip not an issue )



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