Error Signing JavaFX jar

I'm getting this errors trying to sign a Java FX app with a custom certificate (crt) that works fine if I use it directly with jarsigner

Java FX Packager: JavaFX sign task has failed for: /Users/Sebastian/Library/Caches/IntelliJIdea12/compile-server/_temp_/artifact2064713574984050972unzipped/deploy/IntegraAgentFXDataCapture.jar.
Compilation completed with 6 errors and 0 warnings in 5 sec

any idea??


what IDEA version do you use? Thanks


as you can see on the path of my post IntelliJ IDEA 12 (latest version)


Sorry if you misunderstand me, I was asking about a build number which is shown in Help|About. Thanks


129.354 the latest avaiable


and the same problem with the latest EAP build 400


works here. I'll add additional logging in case jarsigner provides additional information. Could you please check if parameters for signer are passed corresponding to the certificate you use? Thanks


I'm attaching my certificate, the password, the store and key pass are bout the same:   integra

can you check if with this you can sign? maybe there is a different way to make the certificates this is the procedure  I follow:

keytool -genkey -keyalg rsa -alias integra

maybe there is other way to create the certificate to work on intellij.

best regards


jarsigner throws RuntimeException
Error:jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException: keystore load: Invalid keystore format

IDEA generates its certificates with command keytool -genkeypair ... So you specify storepass/keypass which is used then in sign task.

The exception is propagated after the fix to the error messages toolwindow, so you'll be able to see it. Sorry


I can do the certificate other way, just tell me what is the correct procedure to make the certificate file for IDEA.

I've tryied with the parameters you told me and then  

keytool -exportcert -alias integra -file integra.cer

using this cer agains give me the same errors.



Please try

keytool -genkeypair -dname="CN=integra" -alias integra -keyStore integra.cer -storepass some_store_pass -keypass some_key_pass


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