Some questions to let me migrate from netbeans to IntelliJ


I have some questiong for things I would like to know in order to move to Intellij IDEA

1) JavaFX, I need to have in the jnlp the security setting that I cant find anywhere I need

to run my inbrowser app but I cant find anywhere where to configure the security level for the jnlp.

2) if I add a lib folder with the dependencies in the JavaFX project seems that the jnlp wont add these if they are not in the root output.

3) how can I sign a jar file, (not javafx), I would like to use the extracted jars into my jar so I can have 1 jar for a component that has some dependencies that are signed, If I can sign again the jar after building it I think
the jar wont fail to start due to different signatures that is what happens to me now.

4) obfuscation, is there any way to configure something like this from the Artifact sections?

these are the only things Im missing to be able to move my personal projects to IntelliJ (I also work on some open source projects like, asterik-java, asterisk and astmanproxy) and as asterisk-java is using intellij this is great for me!

I've found your ide the beset I've ever used so far... I've just used for 2 days and already loving it...

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Hi Sebastian,



would be added if you switch on signing on JavaFX arttifact tab (File|Project Structure|Artifacts). There was a bug which prevent it in 12.1.x
you need to configure artifact in order to include the jars in the resulted deployment package. What layout do you need and why?
signing is performed via standart jarsigner from jdk distr.
4) as far as I know IDEA doesn't support specific obfuscating step but you may configure to start ant task which would do the job before/after compilation. This could help also with 3.

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1) ok great so I suppose this would be fixed for the next release right?
2) I`m looking to have:


in netbeans the jnlp gets created right, but If I surround with a directory on the artifact section the dependency libs they wont appear on the jnlp so neither in the manifest so I have to do it by hand (change manifest and jnlp to tell the jar where are the dependencies) if I use everything in the output folder the jnlp gets created ok and I have all the jars on the same dir. let me know if Im clear enough.

3) yes I know that but I would like to know if you have some post step (that  is not ant, with your build system) in the artifact section to sign the jar, just like the javafx has enable signing, but for the common jar.

4) ok clear to me that the only way to do this is via ANT task (or maybe some plugin???)


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1) I can confirm this is ok on the latest EAP


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