Reminder about giving editor option to turn xml/html/jsp bread crumbs off.

There was a discussion about giving an option to turn off the new xml/html/jsp bread crumbs feature, and there is a Jira on it, but I wanted to make sure this is going ot get in before Selena is released. Unless the option is hidden away somewhere, I still don't see it in 7123.

I know some people think this breadcrumb thing is great, but it is using prime real estate on the IDE at the top between the editor tabs and the editor pane. I am working on XML and JSP files all the time, and still haven't found any use for it.

I think calling it breadcrumbs is a bit of a misnomer because web breadcrumbs are generally more useful because clicking on them takes you back to some previous or higher level page. These breadcrumbs are mostly just showing you what already see in the Editor. Also, web breadcrumbs are not constantly changing as you move the cursor around, which is a distraction.

It should be possible to turn "xml/html bread crumbs" feature off

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