Problem with Intellij 12 and Struts 2 - Error in struts.xml

Hi everyone,

I have following strange problem:

I got an struts.xml with two packages. One has the namespace "/chapterFour" and the other "/chapterFour/secure". Each has several actions.

Now, in my JSP-File, if I want to invoke an action from package "/chapterFour/secure" via

<s:url action="secure/AdminPortfolio" />

IntelliJ highlights the namespace and tells me it "cannot resolve the Action "secure/AdminPortfolio". BUT: The code works. So it is "just" a display error with IntelliJ I guess? I also can't click the namespace to reach the action...

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I found the solution:

Instead of calling the action with

<s:url action="secure/AdminPortfolio">

I have to write

<s:url action="AdminPortfolio" namespace='/chapterFour/secure' />


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