Can't set breakpoint nodeJS debugger with IntelliJ IDEA 12 Ultimate - how to fix?

I have a Run/Debug configuration for a local node debugging session and it runs within IDEA with no problems.

All of the toggle breakpoint menu commands are disabled and clicking in the gutter does nothing at all.

OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.3)

nodeJS version: v0.10.2
nodeJS plugin version:  v123.66
IntelliJ IDEA version: 12.0.4

Using the express framework

My project is a web development project containing several git repository clones for PHP and one nodeJS app.

Any thoughts?

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Where do you try to set breakpoint (file type — js or coffee/typescript)? Could you attach screenshot?

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I'm getting the same problem

windows 7

nodeJS version: v0.10.5
nodeJS plugin version:  v129.229
IntelliJ IDEA version: 12.1.2

Using the express framework

I can't toggle break points on any line of JS (vanilla) code, using key or mouse click
Works fine with other plugins


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eerr I think it might have something to do with not having the JavaScript Debugger plugin installed

do that and it works luverly



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