suggestion/feature request: disable "virtual space" by default

I would like to request that "virtual space" editing mode be disabled as the default.  It appears that many other people also with for this, judging by the popularity of this question on how to disable it.
Also when I have initially shown IntelliJ to friends and coworkers, to try and get them to switch, their almost immediate first reaction is *always* "what the heck? How do I turn off this unlimited editing mode!"
-Roger Pack-


Hi Roger,

Could you provide more information on why do you think that 'allow caret at virtual space' is inconvenient defaults?



Ok I added a comment to
Hope this helps at all :)


I usually turn this off myself.  Can any developers who use / enjoy this feature chime in to let me know how you use it?  Perhaps i'm missing out on something and need to rethink how I'm coding.  This is an honest and friendly request for info :)

Thanks in advance!
- Stuart


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