JavaDoc Editing Interfered With Even With "Enable JavaDoc formatting" Off

Editing JavaDoc comments even when the Code Style's "Enable JavaDoc formatting" is off is still interfered with by IDEA:
1) when one hits enter in a JavaDoc comment, the supplied indent is that of the start of the comment plus one space, rather than being indented to match the preceding line.
2) If one types "/*<ENTER>" a blank line and a closing "/" are entered, and they are not aligned to the prevaling indent of the comment opening, but rather have an extra space. Both the blank line between the "/*" and "/" and the "*/" bear an extra space following the prevailing indent.

Please: If IDEA cannot accommodate a user's needs, then when JavaDoc formatting is turned off, it should just leave JavaDoc comments alone, other than the usual auto-indenting to precisely match that of the previous line.

Randall Schulz

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