Nested source directories

For some unknown reason, people I work with have created nested source

   -  SpecialDirectory
     -  src
       -  nested source directory
   -  some regular source directory that's part of the main source

So I have to add the top "src" directory as a source directory, exclude
"SpecialDirectory" and then add the "src" directory under this. This is
confusing IDEA, so it's obviously not a supported configuration.

Any chance of getting support for something like this?

Thank you

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Content roots of different modules may be nested. Maybe to use this.

I.e.: to create module "src-1". Set the 1st "src" as its content root _and_ source root at the same time.

Then to create module "src-2". Set the 2nd "src" as its content root and source root at the same time.

Should be done carefully, New Module wizard constantly suggests "wrong" src directories while doing that.



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