Project settings: Library deployment configuration still very, very awkward

Imagine this situation:
A simple web application: single module, web, ejb, jpa and ee application, 8 libraries
Now something goes wrong on deployment.
You just want to quickly check if foo.jar was correctly packaged to WEB-INF/lib and nowhere else (this isn't a hypothetical scenario, I have been there quite frequently).

How do you do that???

You can't really be serious to force me through this:

  • go to general module settings -> dependencies

  • open each library one-by-one and check if it includes the jar (opening and closing modal dialogs like mad)

  • even if you have found it in one library, proceed through all the other libraries to check that it is not contained there

  • remember the library

  • for each web/ejb/ee-app facet:

  • open its deploment tab and check the deployment option for that library

  • again: even if you have checked the correct deployment option for the web facet, continue and check the other facets' options

Let's have a tab "Deployment" at module level containing one big tree table:
- first level is library
- second level is jars
- one column for each facet where each cell shows the deployment status (copy to, link, ... (only for facets that have library deployment options, obviously)
You should be able to sort the table by any column.
When sorted by anything else than "library" the tree-table becomes a regular table.
When a "deployment cell" is selected, then all other cells for the same library get highlighted and of course change their value simultaneously.

The above scenario would be drastically simplified:

  • Open the deployment tab

  • Sort by jar

  • Find foo jar and immediately see if it is contained in the correct library and that library's deployment option is correct. Change it, if it is not correct.

Open question: How much "edit-features" can be added to this UI, i.e. can I do anything else than changing deployment options of existing libraries (for example add a jar to a library).

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One issue that's somewhat related is this:

"Web Facet/"Modules and Libraries to Package": show me from which module
a packaged dependency comes":

Btw, I agree with the general sentiment of your post.


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In the project tool window, the Java-EE Deploy-Time view is closer to the view you want than the project settings, though it still doesn't display what jars are packaged with each web facet. And strangely, it has now "Expand All" button, only "Collapse All".

But maybe it would make more sense to enhance this view, or add an additional view to the project toolwindow.


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