add Web-Inf/Classes to subversion?

I want to add the WEB-INF/classes to subversion, and detect  changes -to commit them- in that folder in Intellij IDEA. I'm not happy  with this workflow, but my work uses it in that way. Tortoise SVN  detects the .class changes, but IDEA only gives me the option to commit  .java files. How can I do that? (Sorry for my English)

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Make sure the "classes" directory is not excluded.

  1. Go to  File > Project Structure
  2. Select "Modules" in the "Project Settings" on the left
  3. Select the module to change in the middle pane
  4. Select the "Sources" tab in the left pane
  5. On the right, expand the directory tree. Select the "classes" directory
  6. Turn off the Exclude option (i.e. the "Excluded" bottom above the tree is off/non-highlighted)

Second make the 'classes' directory is not excluded in File > Settings > [Project Settings] > Version Control > Ignored Files (It likely will not be there)

Finally, make sure that neither the "classes" directory or *.class files are listed in the "Ignore files and folders" field at the bottom of the File > Settings > [IDE Settings] File Types dialog. (They likely will not be there)

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Thanks a lot! That was the problem. The folder was marked as "Excluded" in the Project Structure.

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