Intellij 12 make project acts rebuilding

I just updated Intellij from 11 to 12.0.2. And soon I got some problems that really frustrating me.
The most annoying one is that, when I just change some little part of the code and select Make Project, the IDE rebuild the whole project which took a long time.
Sometimes the making time is even bigger than directly rebuild the whole project.
Does anybody also met this problem? I wanna understand it's a bug in Injtellij or just some configuration problem?


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IntelliJ IDEA 12 added a new compiler mode. It was aimed at improving compilation speed. It's possible you have some settings that need tweaking. The following blog posts -- made during the development of IDEA 12 -- discuss some of the new compiler features. Be sure to read through the comments as there is some additional information in them as well.

You can also view my reply in this thread. It may help:

Let us know if that helps or if you are still having issues.


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