JSP 'include' variable resolution not working

Hi all,

I am running intellij 12.1.2 (latest at the time of this post) and am having a problem with JSPs resolving objects that are defined in includes... effectively here is the inclusion pattern:

App proj > /src/main/apps/myapp/global/global.jsp

global.jsp contains a number of tag libs that inject objects into the page context scope.

Each JSP I have, (App proj > /src/main/apps/myapp/module/foo) includes the global.jsp

<%include script="/apps/myapp/global/global.jsp"%> (Note that the path here starts with /apps as in the my application container, /apps is at the root level; and compiles down to org.apache.jsp.apps.myapp.global.global)

Everything compiles and runs fine, its just in intellij all the objects defined in the global.jsp are marked as red and undefined.

Any idea how I can configure around this?

Also, I am also building this as a maven project if that makes a different.


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I can get red IDEA editor, but in that case my reference is not resolved by Tomcat too. Could you attach your pom(s) to show me the case?

BTW, I did not meet a directive "<%include script=...>". Is that "<%@include file=...>", "<jsp:include page=...>", or I really miss something?

Thank you,


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