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i have an issue with tooltips.  they are nice to have but they tend to get more in the way than be useful. mostly because they are useful the first few times. after this, they just tend to get in the way.


1: open the "run" tab on my laptop. the "close button" is hidden under the "more" button at the bottom (looks like two arrows). so i mouseover to the "more" button, which now turns into the "close" button and also the ? sign for help next to it. now, the "close" button (the X) is right under the mouse. almost immediately the tooltip pops up, blocking the whole "close" button. result? impossible to close the tab unless i move the mouse away, wait for the tooltip to hide, race for it to hit the button before the tooltips pops up. yes, i have set the maximum tooltip delay allowed in the preferences. -> user vs ide race condition

2: i have enough editor tabs open to have them in two rows. i am editing something and my mouse cursor is in the editor. i now want to change tab. i start moving my mouse up towards the tab. the tab of interest is on the top row of the two tab rows. i move too slowly or stop just briefly on the tab below the one i am targeting. a tooltip opens on top of that tab, blocking the one on top of it. result: impossible to select the tab of interest. i again have to move away, then run for the tab before tooltips block it. -> user vs ide race condition

suggestion: give much higher option for maximum tooltip delay, or make the tooltip go away once you click on it. right now clicking on it just selects the text. might be nice if you need to google it, but most of the time i just need to get rid of it.

comments, suggestions?


Try "Settings -> Appearance -> Tooltip initial delay" as workaround.


thanks for the suggestion. but as i said, i have it at maximum already (1200(ms?)). this is the tooltip delay i was referring to.


Thank you.

Just for reference: the point 1 is just a bug: Normally a tooltip passes a click to the button below.



I also want to be rid of them.  Recently I used eclipse on a c/c++ project, was able to turn them off, and experienced BLISS compared to pycharm incessantly popping up shit in my face, yet conveying absolutely no useful information.  It was nice not having to constantly refresh my memory about what I was doing before the little shits popped up in front of my work.


Adam, there is a workaround to get rid of them, just setup registry key ide.tooltip.initialDelay with some big value (say, 12000 instead of default 1200)


That doesn't work. Set it to 0, set it to 1200, or go into the xml and set it to 12000, it makes no difference.


Two first examples aren't tooltips but inspections. You can switch them off in Settings > Editor > Inspections > Languages that you use

The third example is tooltip indeed and it has to be controlled by registry key I mentioned above.


As I've mentioned, I do NOT want to disable inspections.  That would lobotomize the editor, remove syntax display/checking and reduce it to being little better than notepad.  

Registry key?  I don't do windows.   I can certainly demonstrate that the setting has no effect.  Do you need a video?  How about respecting people's request and offering an option to turn the obnoxious popups off?




Setting still broken in Pycharm 2018.1.2

For example, I inserted an 'x' into a method parameter.  It turned gray.  The tooltip is less than a third of a second even though the delay is set to 20000ms.

My subscription is now canceled.  If nobody at pycharm is willing to fix this incredible eyesore, I have to switch ide's.  


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